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Photos from February 22nd 2015:



Jim Strothfeld - February 22nd, CMHA

Jim Strothfeld – February 22nd 2015 CMHA Event

Merle Lambert - February 2015, CMHA

Merle Lambert – February 22nd 2015 CMHA Event

Christmas Party photos, November 23rd 2014:

Table set up waiting, Christmas 2014

Crowd Close Up

Cec and Lea Steinhardt

Part of the Crowd

Vi and Ted Hanlon

Jim Brown and Mardi Bunting


Earlier in 2014:


Alec Beckett

Des Morgan

Jack Carlos

Mac Maton

Alice Benfer

Ian Hands and Zeta Burns

Jim Brown and Mardi Bunting

Yodelling Pete Smith



BeforeĀ 2014:



John & Jackie

Des & Gloria

Les & Russell

Graham & Dusty

Zeta Burns

Shorty & John

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